CRL's warehouses and distribution centers are impeccably prepared to cater to a wide spectrum of retail businesses, from everyday products like clothing and footwear to those requiring extra care, such as cosmetics, luxury bags, and high-end timepieces. Moreover, our facilities are equipped to handle oversized items like home appliances and furniture.

CRL's warehouses and distribution centers are meticulously prepared to provide services to a diverse range of retail businesses. This readiness spans from everyday commodities such as clothing and footwear to items demanding a high degree of care, including cosmetics, luxury handbags, and premium timepieces. Our capabilities also extend to handling oversized merchandise like electrical appliances and furniture, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to our clients' needs.

From our extensive experience in warehouse management and distribution for Central Retail Group, we instill confidence in our clients, assuring them of our expertise and profound understanding of their diversified businesses. By designing comprehensive inventory and stock management systems, we aim to reduce costs and lead times effectively, allowing us to optimize benefits for our valued clients.

Furthermore, our information systems are geared towards supporting a multi-channel Omni Channel distribution approach, aligning with our core mission to foster the sustainable growth of our clients' businesses.

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Related Services

Cross Dock Center Services
CRL's distribution center seamlessly supports the intake and outbound flow of products across various branches, all with a substantial capacity spanning over 12,000 square meters. This vast space enables us to efficiently aggregate and sort merchandise without the need for self-directed deliveries to individual stores or branches. Our delivery timelines are swift, typically ranging from 1-2 days, ensuring prompt product distribution to locations nationwide.
Offline Sale Fullfillment Storage Operation
CRL's warehouse facilities offer a tailored storage solution for a wide array of product types, including shelf storage, pallet racking, high-value control rooms, all equipped with ISO45001 compliance, and a Warehouse Management System (WMS). With these features designed to support the intricacies of retail businesses, you can rest assured that your products will be well-preserved and maintained in an ideal environment.
Online sale, Ecommerce Fullfillment Storage Operation
Our end-to-end e-commerce service covers everything from product storage, packaging, to the seamless delivery of goods right into the hands of your customers. In addition, our Warehouse Management System (WMS) offers real-time status tracking and the flexibility to accommodate orders from various platforms, including marketplaces, social commerce, and chat commerce. Furthermore, we have the capability to allocate staff to efficiently handle high-volume orders stemming from your promotions.
Temperature Control Storage
CRL's warehouse boasts a temperature-controlled room that meticulously maintains the desired temperature around the clock, ensuring the quality of temperature-sensitive products, such as cosmetics, high-value items, and healthcare products. Our Warehouse Management System (WMS) is adept at facilitating the retrieval of goods following a First Expire date First Out (FEFO) system, reducing the margin for error when picking items. This way, you can be confident that your products will reach your customers without expiring or deteriorating prematurely.
Imported Operation
CRL's import pre-receiving activities include product checks for cost analysis, affixing OCPB labels (Thai Product Identification Stickers), and more. Our facilities provide ample loading space for various-sized trucks and container vehicles, and we possess the necessary space and workforce for labeling or other processes on your products. This ensures that the imported goods are in perfect condition, complete, and accurate before they are delivered to your customers.
Special & Value-added Services
CRL offers specialized services to cater to our customers' needs for enhancing the value of their products. This includes repackaging, label changes, gift-wrapping with attached cards and personalized messages, coupon or flyer attachments, as well as promotional product bundling for key seasonal events. You can rest assured that our services will leave your customers delighted and satisfied to the fullest.