CRL's customer relations and After sales services are dedicated to ensuring that your customers are increasingly satisfied. We aim to enhance your customers' service experience in a positive direction, and we are ready to serve through all your customer touchpoints with speed and professionalism. Additionally, we foster analysis by providing valuable insights to boost future sales.

CRL has a professionals team to providing First in Class service to our customers. We understand the paramount importance of delivering exceptional customer service, both before and after the sale, in ensuring the sustained and continuous growth of a business. Therefore, we are determined to go above and beyond expectations and maximize customer satisfaction to the highest level of capability

After sales service through a Contact Center is all about serving customers after they have purchased products or services through online or telephone channels. It involves dedicated staff who provide advice, solve issues, and offer assistance to customers seeking information or various forms of help. This aspect is vital in creating satisfaction, instilling trust, and increasing opportunities for building long-lasting customer relationships in the future.

Calls per year
providing customer service through the Call Center telephone lines.
Chats per year
providing service through customer text chat.
Customer satisfaction
feedback after receiving our after-sales service

Related Services

Contact Center
CRL Customer Service offers a diverse range of services through various channels, including Call, Chat, Email, and Social Media. The key elements of our service encompass active listening and understanding, effective issue resolution, clear communication, customer satisfaction, and prompt follow-ups. These aspects collectively aim to leave customers impressed with the care and quality of service we provide.
Business Process Outsourcing
CRL also provides After sale service through our Contact Center, offering services such as consultation, issue resolution after product or service purchases, addressing inquiries, managing complaints, and following up on customer satisfaction after issue resolution or consultation. This ensures that your customers are content with the service they receive through our support.