CRL has extensive experience in importing and exporting over 100,000 different product lines annually. We cover a wide range of product categories for retail businesses and possess a strong understanding of import licensing requirements and tax incentives in various countries worldwide. We are fully prepared to leverage this expertise to foster the sustainable growth of our clients' businesses.

The CRL team, certified by our customs department, will provide expert consultancy, guidance, and execution to ensure our customers can confidently import or export their goods smoothly, on schedule, and at cost-effective rates.

Our team will assist our customers in importing and exporting goods by leveraging their extensive knowledge and long-standing experience. We will guide you through utilizing tax benefits, performing inspections, and preparing the necessary documentation, including applying for import and export licenses and registrations, such as the Importer or Exporter License. This way, you can be confident that your goods will smoothly and accurately navigate through the required legal processes.

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Related Services

Import and Export Operation
CRL prioritizes meeting our customers' import and export needs, offering the most suitable and cost-effective transportation solutions. Our services encompass international shipping via sea, air, and land, document verification, international freight management, customs procedures, and even warehousing solutions. We are also equipped to advise and recommend tax relief strategies tailored to our customers' specific requirements. Your satisfaction is our primary focus.
Import and Export Training Course
CRL offers comprehensive training programs that cover essential aspects such as customs codes, tax rates, preferential tax privileges within free trade agreements, and fundamental knowledge of import and export procedures. These programs provide participants with the knowledge and skills to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations governing accurate import and export practices. Additionally, we provide guidance on best practices that can lead to significant time and cost savings, ultimately enhancing your competitive edge in the market.
Import License or Permit Services
CRL offers a service to facilitate the application for import licenses required by various government agencies, such as FDA licenses, Food and Drug Administration (อย.) (food and cosmetics), and other Import License (FDA, TISI, OCP)​ for other regulatory bodies. This service is designed to assist customers who may not be familiar with the application processes or lack experience in navigating the intricacies of obtaining these licenses. By utilizing this service, you can be confident that your products will be ready for sale on time and in full compliance with the relevant regulations, saving you time and ensuring legal compliance.
Import & Export, International Logisticsconsultant
If you are considering importing or exporting goods but are unsure of the procedures, regulations, or potential benefits, CRL is here to provide consultation and guidance. Our services are aimed at helping you plan your business activities correctly, minimizing potential issues that may arise in the future.